Monday, April 10, 2006

Our Park Walk

10:30 am sunny, warm - high 60's, breezy

Common species sighted:

house finch
house sparrow
rock pigeon
northern mockingbird
brewer's blackbirds
white-crowned sparrows
mourning doves
anna's hummingbird
savannah sparrows

There were numerous opportunities on this walk to observe different birding behaviors of spring:

As we walked the wash we stopped to watch;

- Three male great-tailed grackles ALL pursuing one lone female, calling loudly as they all flew and dived after her.
- Two verdin flying back and forth with nesting material (such as that seen in the picture at top) for the nest they were building.
- One killdeer doing a broken wing act as it must have had a nest somewhere close to where we were walking.

On our way home we spotted:

- The gambels quail that we had been hearing sitting on top of the brick wall of a house that sits adjacent to the wash where construction is going on. Josh and I have seen more and more quail in people's yards as a result of this construction.
- A prairie falcon circling above the park.

One of the highlights of the walk was our first spotting for the year of two brewers sparrows. :)


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