Thursday, March 30, 2006

Our park walk this morning

Yellow-rumped Warbler- Myrtle Subspecies
Picture from All About Birds

This morning Josh and I took our usual walk up to our park to bird. It is a beautiful spring day here in Las Vegas and the birds it seemed agreed with this as they were out and about and singing! Josh looked at me at one point during our walk and said to me, "Is it just me or does everything seem to be in pairs?" Ahhh, Spring indeed :)

During each walk we are blessed to see something of nature that speaks to our hearts as well as our minds. This morning our hearts went out to two special birds, one a great-tailed grackle and the other a gambel's quail. Watching the two at different times and places, we noticed as they were hopping on the ground, each had a broken foot. We brightened when we were also able to see each of them fly off with strong wings. I was reminded of this post by Dawn on her blog, By Sun and Candlelight.

We also watched three verdins in the wash, two of them very loud and on the ground in what seemed a wrestling match. Josh concluded they were either two males fighting over a female or the two were a male and female mating. I did say it was Spring didn't I?

We saw our first sighting of tree swallows for this year as they swooped and dived over the wash. Our "bird of the day" as Josh likes to call it though was a myrtle subspecies of the yellow-rumped warbler, the bird in the picture at the top of this post. Beautiful bird!

Here's a list of the species we saw today and recorded in our Bird Log:

house sparrow
house finch
northern mockingbird
tree swallows
says phoebes
brewers blackbirds
great-tailed grackle
gambel's quail
white-crowned sparrows
rock wren
american kestrel
european starling
rock pigeon
anna's hummingbird
savannah sparrows
myrtle subspecies of yellow-rumped warbler


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