Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mar. 10, 2006

We would like to introduce you to Socrates, the resident burrowing owl in the wash in our neighborhood park, so named by Josh who felt that he should be called something other than 'the burrowing owl'.

You can see a close up of this picture here and be able to see him better. In the beginning when we first began to see him we often overlooked him mistaking him for just another rock. We have gotten much better at detecting him.

Yesterday as we came upon the area we usually see him (which has been just about every day now) we became concerned. There is construction going on in an area of the wash; a major project of condos, offices, retail shops. Well, they have begun using a back access road to get into the site. This is just across from where Socrates has moved in after being evicted from the other section of the wash by this very construction.

Josh spotted him right away though and he just sat there looking around and probably wondering what in the world these Big Ones were up to.

We are hoping that he does not get agitated and decide to move somewhere else for we would surely miss this wonderful fellow.


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