Saturday, March 25, 2006

Great Backyard Bird Count II

Feb. 25, 2006

Great Backyard Bird Count

Josh and I birded our neighborhood park for all four days of this count (well he did, I missed one day) and his dad was able to join us for 3 of those days. We birded at different times to try and get a feel for the population at different times of the day. Josh and his dad birded on the third day without me and were worried that it wouldn't go as well as we had been doing. Boy were they wrong! lol It was a much colder and greyer day than we had been having (we have been in the low 70's at times in weeks past with ALWAYS plentiful sunshine as our weatherman says) and we even had some snow flurries that morning. Well they saw a few species we hadn't seen, saw species we had seen but this time in higher numbers and finally sighted the Burrowing Owl that is a resident (albeit a shy one) of our wash! :)

Each day we sent in our results online and always in excitement looked at the results for our area as well as the rest of the country. We were surprised to see that we were the only count in Nevada to list having seen a burrowing owl :)

So, drumroll please, here is the total count:

- Four days of birding for a total of 5 hours
- 365 total number of birds seen
- 25 different species sighted which included the following:

Red-tailed hawk
Great-tailed grackle
European starling
Northern mockingbird
Mourning dove
Rock pigeon
Gamble's quail
White-crowned sparrow
Prairie falcon
Say's phoebe
Northern flicker
Anna's hummingbird
American pipits
Brewer's blackbird
House finch
House sparrow
American kestrel
Rock wren
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Burrowing owl
Western meadowlark
Abert's towhee
Common raven

We are looking forward to hearing about other families Great Backyard Bird count experiences.


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