Saturday, March 25, 2006

God's blessings are truly amazing and they come in so many different ways. This tree is in our front yard. It is one of our favorite blessings that he has given us.

This morning as I sat on our computer looking out two verdins flew in and sat for awhile amongts it's branches flitting about every so often.

The other day, I came running as Josh excitedly called to me to come quick. There flying from branch to branch was a beautiful female yellow-rumped warbler. She was close enough that with my binoculars and even with Josh's young eyes unaided, we say the yellow on her face and on her sides. She even flashed us a nice view of her yellow rump which gives her the name. Josh identified her as a female because she had duller coloring on the rest of her body. The males are brighter. I took this picture as she sat on a branch. You can't see her markings though unfortunately as our camera does not zoom much. Here is where you can see a male. All About Birds, the web site I just linked is a fantastic site to see pictures and get great information on birds if you are interested.

We'd love to hear about any of your blessings.


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