Friday, March 31, 2006

Desert National Wildlife Refuge - Corn Creek Field Station

This morning Josh and I took a ride out to Corn Creek which is a field station in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. This is largest national wildlife refuge in the lower 48 states. It is about 30 minutes from where we live in Las Vegas.

On the way in we got some great looks of horned larks, (we were close enough to see their "horns" :), sage thrasher, savannah sparrows, white-crowned sparrows, western meadowlark, american kestrel and common ravens.

Walking around the field station itself, we saw house finches, american robins, ruby-crowned kinglets, yellow-rumped warblers (beautiful males in breeding plumage), a song sparrow and a verdin.

The "bird of the day" was a momma long-eared owl and her three or four (we couldn't tell about the fourth for sure or not) nestlings. They were a sight! Grey, fluffy balls cuddled all around their mom. They are tucked inside this tree in the Y. You'll have to take my word for it as our camera does not zoom in.

We didn't stay long as it was very windy and cold but the trip out there was well worth it in just seeing these nestlings with their momma :)


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