Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lots more birding going on

Burrowing Owl
picture from What Bird site

This morning Josh and I headed up to our neighborhood park to bird. We have been trying to do this a few times a week and keeping track of what is there each time. In January we were able to finally see the Burrowing Owl that we had been told by neighbors that lived in the wash sandwiched in between our park and a golf course. He was such an amazing sight. Josh and I stood there hardly daring to breathe for the first few minutes. We have since been blessed to see this bird again numerous times and this morning was no exception. Josh and I smile just thinking how lucky we are to have this species living within a few minutes of where we ourselves live. :) The park has been fairly quiet in the winter but we have enjoyed watching the different behavior of many of the birds. This is another aspect of birding that is fun for Josh besides identifying new birds he hasn't seen before.

There has been a tremendous amount of birding that has gone on in our house but we are much poorer at actually documenting it here.

In the middle of December we participated in our first Christmas bird count and had a great time! For Christmas, Josh was given a surprise birding trip to Monteray, California with his dad. Then in January, Josh and I were able to go on our local Audubon group's trip to San Diego. My goodness. Between the two trips Josh added over 50 new life birds! We had such a great time with the small group of people that we went with to San Diego. It never ceases to surprise me how generous of their time and knowledge seasoned birders are and how blessed we are as a result. Josh is now up to 266 life birds and he still hasn't closed in on his first year of birding yet!

We are gearing up for our first participation in the Great Backyard Birdcount. We had to laugh as lately when we go to the park, which is the place we will be using for the count, Josh and I have found ourselves counting the birds. Practice makes perfect they say lol.

I am going to try and make a concerted effort to post here more often. I love sharing the amazing experiences that birding has brought to us.


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