Thursday, December 08, 2005

our latest birding walks

We have been heading up to the park almost every day for a bird walk in our neighborhood park and I always feel blessed by the "surprises" we are given each and every time. Within the last few weeks we have seen new birds in the park including a northern flicker, a lesser goldfinch, inca doves, abert's towhee, red-tailed hawk, raven, and prairie falcon.

This morning was no exception as we saw two western meadowlarks on the ground under a group of bushes in the park. As we watched them and got great views of their beautiful vibrant yellow breasts with the black v two more flew in next to them.

None of these birds are new to Josh as he has seen some of them many times before but to see them in our own environment is reason enough to get excited all over again about them.

We are gearing up for TWO Christmas bird counts with our local Audubon group that we will be a part of in a couple of weeks. They are back to back on Dec. 17th and Dec. 18th and Josh is in heaven knowing he will be birding ALL day, BOTH days lol. His poor dad is doing both while I opted to just do one.

I had to laugh this morning as we were at Target looking for ornaments as gifts. I showed him a "cardinal" and he just looked and me and politely stated that really looked like a scarlet tangager but had the tail length wrong etc. There was a lady behind us who commented that he must know his birds. That's putting it lightly lol.