Wednesday, October 19, 2005

the morning after

After two days of rain and I do mean actual rain here in Las Vegas, Josh and I took an early morning walk up to our neighborhood park.

The first thing we saw was lots of blackbirds, brewers, great-tailed grackles and starlings. As we began walking around the path, we observed two western meadowlarks down in the bushes in between the wash and the edge of the park. We snuck up to get a closer look. We were rewarded with great looks at detailed field marks as they just sat on the bush and on the ground. We also saw a ruby-crowned kinglet and a flock of white-crowned sparrows within this same area. As we were looking at the sparrows, Josh looked down into the wash and was excited to see a part of the wash near the golf course on the other side with 30+ western meadowlarks. We took a walk down into the wash to get closer views. As soon as we got close, a bunch of them flew to the other side of the wash and up into the golf course. Walking across the wash we ended up in mud up to our shins from the previous rains. We got some amazing views of the yellow and the black v on these birds! We also observed killdeer and a say's phoebe while walking in the wash.

On our way back home we caught sight of another say's phoebe on top of one of the neighborhood walls and then it flew to the top of a light pole allowing us to get some great looks.

A great morning birding right in our own neighborhood.


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