Friday, September 23, 2005

loss of habitat

This morning Josh and I went up the park to bird the wash for the first day of fall only to find they had bulldozed it! I spoke with the operators of the diggers and such and they were so nice. They agreed it was a shame, they hated doing it, the city has neglected keeping this free of vegetation for the last 3 years (since we've moved here!!!). This is a drainage area for the wash and needs to be clear. The guys gave me the name and numbers of depts and supervisors to call, told me that they hadn't done a bird study which is generally what is supposed to have been done (only I didn't hear it from them ;) , and then stopped and told me that their supervisor and some EPA officials were supposed to be there soon. Well just their supervisor showed up, I taked to him, got some more names and numbers. We'll talk to Je Anne tomorrow when we go birding at the Preserve and see what she suggests is the best course of action to take. Josh is heartbroken. He was so upset he was crying. It was a huge shock to see that empty void when we weren't expecting it. Good lesson in bureacracy and taking a stand on something he cares about though.

We have been birding with the Audubon goup and Josh is up to 180 birds. He is hoping to make it to 200 before the year ends.

We missed our first Audubon meeting because I was blessed to be at the birth of a friend's baby instead. Josh was so cute about it telling me that there would be many more meetings but how many more births lol.


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